Sticky Password Premium License Key Giveaway

Sticky Password license key giveaway

Sticky Password is a software running on Windows helps you easy remember all your password in one place and keep your data encrypt, secure that no one except you can access.

If you known Lastpass then you will understand how Sticky Password works but in my opinion Sticky Password works better than Lastpass.

Sticky Password support almost all browsers and many Apps as well such as Thunder Bird, Outlook Express etc.

You can choose storage your password on your local computer only or sync your password with other devices over your local wifi or cloud.

Today, Lamantine Software the owner of Sticky Password and AVG Antivirus is giving away unlimited Sticky Password Premium license key for one year.

You can use the giveaway serial key to activated unlimited devices. After one year you can choose renew the license key for $29.99/year or switch the software to free version and continue use Stick Password without any issues.

View the comparison of FREE and Premium version

Download Sticky Password Premium version with license key for unlimited devices.

Update - 2019.01.23The giveaway was expired. We will be back soon with an other giveaway



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