17 Premium Udemy Courses Free For Limited Time Worth $2500

Free Premium Udemy Courses

Free Premium Udemy Courses

1. StartUp Success Stories: Tips for creating your own startup $99
Startup: Learn from industry powerhouses and gain special insights and trade secrets for managing a successful startup. Take this course

2. WordPress Profits: Create a Blog to Market Udemy Courses $499

You don't have to be a genius to create a blog using WordPress and use it to market courses on Udemy. Take this course
3. How I Make $3000+ A Month From Udemy – Ten KILLER Strategies $199

Udemy KILLER Sales Strategies for ultimate success as an online teacher! Learn how I made 4,500 in my 3rd month on Udemy. Take this course
4. Discover the Hidden Secrets of WordPress $79

We make your foundation strong with hidden inner insights..! Explore the World with us..!! Take this course
5. The ultimate Android course for complete beginners $499

Do you want to learn how to make money by making android apps? This course is the #1 course to teach beginners! Take this course
6. Learn to master Swift fast and easy with real world examples $299

The A-Z guide for learning to develop apple apps with Swift. Learn from hundreds of real world examples on how to code! Take this course
7. Operation Stress: The Complete Stress Management Masterclass $124

A Complete Stress Management Masterclass for understanding & eradicating the most common sources of stress in your life. Take this course
8. Bidding and Contracts $99

A powerful tool which can be useful to sellers as well as buyers in the drafting of contracts. Take this course
9. Change Your State Of Mind Using NLP And Anchoring Techniques $29

Change Your State Of Mind Using NLP And Anchoring Techniques to achieve your goals and dreams in your daily life. Take this course
10. jQuery Foundation – Practical Learning with 575+ Examples $29

Learn in-demand technology skills you need to land your dream job or build a start-up. 575+ Practical Examples included. Take this course
11. Ruby with Plenty of Practical Examples $39

Expressive and Dynamic Programming Language, following the Principle Of Least Astonishment (POLA). Take this course
12. Build A Social Media Marketing Strategy & Grow Your Business $149

Learn how social media marketing works and how it can help a business grow with content marketing and social engagement. Take this course
13. Write Marketing Titles That Get Sales – Copywriting Course $69

Learn the art of creating marketing mission statements and titles for your website, blog, social media and Udemy courses. Take this course
14. Improve Your Photography Skills Overnight With Any Camera $29

Learn how to see light and grasp the rules of composition – take better photographs and improve your photography skills. Take this course
15. Get Higher Rankings In Local Search Results With Google+ SEO $49

Learn how to use Google+ to improve the position and SEO of your business in local search results and gain new clients. Take this course
16. Learn How To Make Money Online With Antiques & Collectibles $299

In this course you will learn the secrets of the antiques trade and how to make money selling antiques & collectibles. Take this course
17. Productivity tips for people working 9-5 to start a business $49

Business productivity tips for people working 9-5 to start a business. Your roadmap to increasing your productivity! Take this course