Nine Free Premium Course by Brian Jackson Worth $870

1. Mailchimp $29
How to use the free Mail Chimp service to maintain mailing lists and mount email campaigns. Take this course

2. Udemy, Camtasia Studio 8 & PowerPoint: Master Screencasting $99
Learn to create Udemy courses using Camtasia screen capture and video editing software and PowerPoint presentations. Take this course

3. Self-publishing Kindle Ebooks on Amazon $99
Self-publish an Kindle ebook on Amazon using Microsoft Word to format your book and the KDP web interface to publish it. Take this course

4. Self-publishing Paperbacks on CreateSpace $99
Format a manuscript using Word and submit it for Print on Demand (POD) publication via the CreateSpace web interface. Take this course

5. GIMP for Beginners: Book Covers and Beyond $99
An introduction to the free GIMP graphics tool focusing on the creation of book covers for self-publishing. Take this course

6. GIMP Advanced: 3D Book Covers and Beyond $99
Use the GIMP to create 3D book covers and other advanced techniques using this free image manipulation program. Take this course

7. GIMP & HTML: Web Graphics $99
Learn to use the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) to produce web graphics and HTML to display it on web pages. Take this course

8. Write Now $99
Write a novel, novella, or short story using this inspirational and practical advice. Take this course

9. Microsoft Word for Writers $99
The basics of Microsoft Word 2010 for beginners, focusing upon the features most often used by writers. Take this course

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  1. Great courses! A big thank you to you 🙂 I’d like to suggest you something that cover Python programming from beginner to advanced 🙂

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