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Kaspersky Total Security (KTS) multiple devices is a very popular security software from Russia company will help you protects your devices from hackers, virus, trojans, worms, keyloggers, privacy, identify and other dangerous stuff from the Internet every time you online.

Not only is the security program, KTS also has the Parental Control which allows you set internet access restriction to your children base on many features such as set the access time or block time, block game or adult content from the internet etc..

The program also has Password Manager & Backup features will help you don’t need pay addition fees for other program like this.

And many more features

Kaspersky is offering free license keys for three months on the website https://onedollarlesson.com/. You may visit and watch three videos there and get a license key can be use for three devices up to 90 days.

However, you can request more than one license key so you can use Kaspersky Total Security more than 9 months even 12 months.

I will tell you how to get the license key

1. You have to visit Zenmate (https://zenmate.com/) to install an extension for Firefox or Chrome. This is a extension allows you use their VPN for free. So you may use an USA IP to request free license keys. After install the Zenmate extension you need restart your browser to make it works.

2. Open your browser and click the icon Zenmate on top right on your browser and Change location, then choose United State. See the picture below


3. Open website https://onedollarlesson.com/. Instead of watching three videos we will view source of the page and get the link. Just Right-click on the site and choose “View Page Source”. Then on new window press Control + F and type the word “trial” to find the promotion link. When you found it, right click and choose “Copy link location”.

4. Open it on new Window then enter your E-mail to request a free license key. Close your browser and open it again and repeat so you will get more than one license key mean you can use KTS more than three months.

That’s easy, please leave a comment below to tell us that you can grab a license key or not or share us your experience.

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  4. For faster skip video
    You must hold down arrow key during video for faster passing

  5. Thanks. 3 months for 3 device 🙂

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