[Giveaway] UnHackMe Anti Rootkit License Key


UnHackMe is a very stable software compatible with any virus/security software with unique fast detection method will helps you find and remove rootkits, spyware, trojan, malware, adware etc..

This program also may find the dangerous extensions of Firefox or Chrome and notify you to remove it.

UnHackMe home version cost $35 usd but you can get it for free for a limited time.

Download UnHackMe home version from homepage

Install it then use the license key below to active the program.

Activate UnHackMe following license code:



  1. Hello thank you for your invaluable initiative; I tried to activate it but I got an error message told me it is invalid. It seems you missed to add the filed “Related to:”

  2. Dude ! You give up your “license key” was not accepted.

    Already “registered to” wants!

    That does not half! I would appreciate if you can help!

  3. Thanks, But there is no home version of this product 🙁

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