13 Free Premium Courses For Jan 26, 2015

Best Udemy coupons to get courses free

Best Udemy coupons to get courses free

1. Brain Training Productivity Genius $199
Brain Training Productivity Empowers Work & Play. Boosts Focus, I.Q. Creativity, & Problem-Solving in 11 Minutes A Day! Take this course

2. Selling More by Talking Less $297
If You Want Something Different – DO Something Different! Take this course

3. Make Easy Money with Skillfeed: Earn Cash in your Sleep! $49
Learn how to earn a solid passive income with minimal work and absolutely ZERO cost! Take this course

4. Maximum eBook Profits With WordPress Marketing $79
WordPress plugins and tools that help self-published authors maximize their eBook and Kindle revenue. Take this course

5. Software project management for start-ups $19
Software project management for start-ups. Learn to manage engineers and software engineering projects. Take this course

6. Amazon Author Central: Marketing Books Like a Pro $19
Sell more books worldwide and get more readers using all the available tools from Amazon. Take this course

7. Unleash The Power of Adobe Photoshop $12
Learn Powerful Photoshop Tools and Techniques. Take this course

8. 8 ways to start making massive income for absolute beginner $49
There are a lot of ways to make money online, but which is right one for you? learn to generate money form multiple ways. Take this course

9. Make Money Online Trading Penny Stocks – Escape the 9-5 $97
Learn how to make money from anywhere trading penny stocks. Make hundreds (sometimes thousands) in a day. Take this course

10. German Made Simple: A Complete Course for Serious Learners $129
Learn to speak, write and understand German quickly and easily in order to achieve your personal and professional goals. Take this course

11. Acoustic songwriting: Creating your own original songs $44
Learn to create your own songs – I teach guitar, vocals, songwriting, confidence, and how to get you gigs. Take this course

12. Mental Health Disorders in Infancy and Early Childhood $39
From ADHD to Anxiety to the ACES study. Learn about common disorders in childhood and why early experiences matter! Take this course

13. NLP Natural Language Processing at FourSquare For Engineers $49
NLP Natural Language Processing at FourSquare For Engineers. Learn how one of the top start-ups uses NLP internally. Take this course

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all the courses that I want to take are expired. today is 1.26.15 , they are gone. It would be nice to be able to use coupons that are not expired before they are posted.


Thank you for your comment, the coupons will expire very quick because each author released only few coupons to promo their courses, usually from 2x to 100 or more coupons but people take it very fast, all the coupons works when I check and post here. You should subscribe to our RSS to get the coupon faster.

Not sure which course you want but I check first 4 courses and they are still free.

Good luck!


I’ve just joined with my email address. I hope I’ll get instant updates as soon as they arrive??? Thanks a bunch, mate!


Hi mate,
It’s not instant, I am using Google FeedBurner as the news letter service and they will e-mail to all subscriber once a day in the morning. If you want get instant updates please subscribe to our RSS using a RSS software such as QuiteRSS or Feedburner (recommend).

Thank you!