Five More Free Premium Udemy Courses Jan 24, 2015

1. How To create Animated Advertising GIF banners in Photoshop $29
Learn exactly how to create those eye-catching animated banners that (because they move) will instantly get attention. Take this course

2. Design A Kick-Butt HTML Web Page or Mini Site with Photoshop $47
Don't stick to the template designs available for sale via template & theme selling sites. Create your own in Photoshop! Take this course

3. Finding And Repurposing Public Domain Treasures: Beginners $9
Learn To Dig Up Forgotten Public Domain Treasures And To Rebrand Them To Make Money In A Million Different Original Ways. Take this course

4. Goal-Setting for Success: The Science of Goal-Setting $49
Learn to set goals the right way – based on insights from the last 40 years of goal-setting research. Take this course

5. Elixir craft: Powerful nutrition $39
Lose weight, sleep better and optimize your health in a tasty way. Take this course

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Giuseppe Calamita

Thank you for your first premium course 🙂 very useful


Yeah, I like that one too 🙂

Giuseppe Calamita

I keep on wondering how ever the twos courses I needed to get has been magically provided in here; thank you again.