Everything – A must have Search Utilities for Windows

I guest most of people who use Windows OS also known how to search file/folder on Windows using default search feature of Windows. But the search function is very slow. Today, I want to introduce about a small search utility you may never known before. It’s Eveyrthing

This is very famous free tools that helps you search files and folders in Windows very very quick. In my test, the result in instantly for 1 TB hard drive. When I finish type what I want to find the program displays everything in result.

The program is 100% free, clean with no spyware, adward, virus etc. See Virustotal result here

I recommend you visit FAQ page to known more about this software, the community also can helps if you have any question

The program works for both 32bit and 64bit Windows OS, support up to 37 languages

[wp-svg-icons icon=”download-3″ wrap=”i”] Download the software at their home page

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