19 Premium Udemy Courses For Free


1. Twitter Domination–How To Get 150,000 Targeted Followers $100
Learn about the tools, tactics, and techniques I used to go from no followers to 150,000 followers in less than 3 years. Take this course

2. JCreator – Develop Java Applications using JCreator $29
Learn and Develop Java Applications using JCreator. Take this course

3. Apache Tomcat 8 $29
Learning how to install Apache Tomcat 8 web server and its configuration. Take this course

4. JavaScript – JavaScript for Beginners $29
Learns JavaScript from scratch and empower yourself with powerful JavaScript. Take this course

5. AngularJS $29
Learning how to create an enterprise web application or single page application (SPA) using super heroic Java Script. Take this course

6. Software Testing – Manual Testing $29
Learning the concepts of manual testing, understanding it’s role and importance in the software development life cycle. Take this course

7. IT Security Fundamentals and Overview $29
Learn about the fundamental concepts of IT Security. Take this course

8. Cloud Computing – Learn Cloud Computing from Scratch $29
Understanding the fundamentals, components, architecture of cloud computing and applying the knowledge in the workplace. Take this course

9. Computer Fundamentals $29
Aim of this course is to help you to develop a “Basic understanding of what computers are and how to use it”. Take this course

10. Youtube Methods: How to Get thousands of Traffic On Youtube $199
This Course Offers You TO Take ME and Learn How TO GET Traffic on World’s Biggest Videos Sharing WEBSITE (YOUTUBE). Take this course

11. Power Blogging $49
How To Turn Your Blog From An Unknown To Well-Known On The Noisy Web. Take this course

12. Mobile User Experience: The Complete Guide to Mobile $97
The complete guide to understanding and designing user experience for mobile websites and applications. Take this course

13. Job Secrets: Craft Your Winning Resume in Just 30 Minutes! $247
The Perfect Resume: How to Position Yourself as the Dream Candidate. Take this course

14. Product Management: How to Get The $104,000 Salary Job $99
How to get & prepare for your first job as a Product Manager. The beginner’s manual ideal for aspiring product managers. Take this course

15. No Pressure Prospecting $497
This sales training course will make prospecting easy, by teaching you how to find prospects that want what you sell. Take this course

16. Develop Game Website With No Coding $49
Develop Game Website With No Coding From Scratch . Develop your own gaming website as a beginner without coding. Take this course

17. Get Traffic! 20+ Growth Hacking Acquisition Techniques $299
20+ Acquisition Techniques to Grow your Business & Acquire Customers in a Budget. Enroll Now & Start Growing your Biz! Take this course

18. Growth Hacking 101: Introduction to Growth Hacking $299
Learn the basics of Growth Hacking. Growth Hacking Definition, the Funnel, the importance of Metrics and GH KPIs. Take this course

19. Make Money Selling Public Domain Stuff: Skip The Hard Work! $97
Learn To Dig Up Forgotten Public Domain Treasures And To Rebrand Them To Make Money In A Million Different Original Ways. Take this course

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